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What is happy place for a child ?

A happy place for a small child is environment where they feel safe, secure, and content. It is a place that brings them joy, comfort, and a sense of belonging. This happy place can vary from child to child.

For small children, their home is their happy place. It’s where they feel most comfortable and surrounded by familiar objects and family members. They spend most of their time there and what ever they see , feel and observe, it becomes their habit. When at home, they spend time with parents and grandparents, who become their sharing partner and mentor. Apart from this a child loves to play. This playing includes indoor as well as outdoor games. Indoor games are helpful in mental growth whereas outdoor games are better for physical health. They can run, climb, and interact with other kids, which brings them immense joy When they spend time in playground it brings them closer to nature as well. It varies from child to child, which games they love. Now a days parents like to have pets at home, especially for their kids so that they can have someone for a company. Kids love to be with them and play. It also makes them humble and caring towards others.

Same as home, school is the place where child learns and grow. School is called second home of a kid. The child should feel comfortable , happy and excited to go to school. Here in school teachers are like parents and grandparents who are their for the mentorship and guidance. For companionship they have their classmates, who are of their age, have similar thought process. They are able to share their thoughts, do talks, and play with them. They learn, play, grow and adopt new habits there.

A good choice of school done by parents foe their kids is most important. And when it comes to play way, it is the basic foundation. It is said that a child is like empty book, you can write whatever you wish. So, admitting them to a school having good education as well as environment is necessary.

Why playing is important ?

Playing is incredibly important for children’s overall development and well-being. It might seem like children are just having fun and passing the time, but it serves various essential purposes in their growth and learning process.

school boy with yellow t-shirt

Different types of play (physical, imaginative, social, etc.) offer varying benefits. Encouraging a variety in it can provide a well-rounded developmental foundation for children. It should be a natural and enjoyable part of childhood, allowing them to learn, grow, and have fun simultaneously. It allows them to explore, experiment, and use their imagination. Also it develop their problem-solving skills, critical thinking, and creativity. Running, climbing, and jumping, contributes to children’s gross motor skills development and improves their coordination and balance. Playtime with parents, siblings, or friends strengthens the bond between children and their peers. Many a times they often act out different scenarios and express their feelings, fears, and desires. This helps them understand and manage their emotions better. They interact with their peers, learning important social skills like cooperation, negotiation, sharing, and empathy.

It is essential to encourage and support children’s playtime, both structured and unstructured, as it has a fundamental role in shaping their personalities, abilities, and attitudes towards learning. By providing them with ample opportunities to enjoy, we contribute to their holistic development and lay a strong foundation for future growth and success.

Breakfast Ideas For Kids

When it comes to breakfast ideas for kids, it’s must to provide nutritious and balanced options. But that should be appealing to their taste buds. Sharing some fun and healthy breakfast ideas that kids will surely enjoy.

  1. Stuffed parantha:
  2. Besan Chilla:
  3. Besan /Suji Halwa:
  4. Fried Potatoes:
  5. Veggie Rice:
  6. Lassi (sweet/salty):
  7. Homemade soup:
  8. Fruits :